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“Preparation is Key” Scholarship

Calling out all students from every corner of the world!

Survival Gear Experts brings back our annual “Preparation is Key” Scholarship aiming to raise awareness about the importance of having an always-ready-mindset, the right tools and kits for emergencies, and plans for every possible unexpected mishaps and calamities.

We want to hear your thoughts to help us promote preparedness to every household in the world. We will reward the student who can come up with the best essay with a scholarship prize of $1500.


The main requirement to qualify for this scholarship is the submission of an essay with at least 800 words. For this year, we are zooming in our focus in the family setting—your own homes. The topic of the essay then, must be about the following:

  • Survival Kits
  • Emergency Preparedness Kits
  • Disaster Supply Kits

Discuss any of these three topics with the focus on the home setup. You may present data on number of households having complete set of these important kits, what items should be in every kit, or how important that every household should purchase and complete at least one of these kits.

Other requirements

You are also required to submit the following:

  • Admission slip/enrollment confirmation
  • Biography/About me (100 words)
  • Basic personal information (Complete Name, School Address, and Contact Number)


We will be waiting for essay entries until May 20, 2018. Send in your applications to [email protected] now! Announcement of winner will follow three days after deadline of submission.

Other notes

  1. Application to this scholarship is 100% FREE.
  2. Winners of the same scholarship in the past 5 years cannot join this year.
  3. Your personal information is safe with us and will never be shared with 3rd
  4. We will publish your essays in our website. Permission is automatically granted once you send us your entries for this scholarship. (Note: Last year’s winning article will be posted soon.)
  5. Winner may choose to receive the $1500 check by mail or through bank transfer to the school’s financial aid department.

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