5 Best Hunting Knives of 2018

One of your most important hunting and survival gear purchases is your knife. This is also one of the more difficult purchases for beginners, too. Why’s that? Because frankly, to the untrained eye, most knives look exactly the same except for some cosmetic... read more

4 Best Combat Machetes of 2018

Combat machetes come in many different forms, from modern bowie designs to the classic Kukri, loved by military history buffs the world over. If you’re looking to choose a machete specifically for combat or tactical maneuvers, you really want to consider 3 things:... read more

5 Best Kukris of 2018: Most Popular Survival Knife?

A Kukri is one of those survival/camping tools that everyone wants. It’s an amazingly simple multipurpose tool that ends up being used for cutting, building, chopping and gutting fish/animals. As with most types of knife, the Kukri has a long history. In this case, it... read more

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