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With all the products on the market today. We hope our gear guides and reviews can help you make the best purchasing decision.

Best Bait Casting Reel of 2017

Bait casting reels are extremely important in sea angling, they allow you to use much larger lures, whilst still being able to cast properly. A decent quality bait casting reel allows you to maintain control over placement, and ultimately the strength to pull in those... read more

Best Trolling Motor Battery of 2017

Ever wished your kayak didn’t have to be paddle powered? Or maybe you’re looking for an economical way to power a small dingy on inshore waterways? Whatever the reason, paring a decent electric trolling motor with a good battery can save you from rowing. And less time... read more

Best Splitting Maul of 2017

So, you’ve gotten your hands on a bunch of chopped up logs, yet they’re just too damn big to put on your fire in one go, what do you do? The answer is a splitting log, and unlike its camping cousin, is designed to cut along the grain of a log, rather than chop through... read more

Best Spincast Reel of 2017

Every year, manufacturers pump the market with brand new reels, making it hard to purchase the correct model for your needs. When you pair it down to basic facts, it really comes down to a balance between the price, gear and bearing design, plus the design of the bail... read more

Best Braided Fishing Line of 2017

There are two camps amongst fishermen, those who love braided fishing line, and those who can’t abide it. Whatever you might think about it, there are pros and cons to both products. With braided line, you’ll find it: More sensitive: Braided line is far less prone to... read more

Best Rubber Hunting Boots of 2017

When you’re hot on the trail of landing that trophy buck you’ve been waiting all year for, not even a boot full of water on a cold day is going to stop you – but it’s definitely going to slow you down. That old pair of black rubber boots with the red bottoms that we... read more

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