Different Types of Machetes: 9 Most Common!

For a complete newcomer to machetes, it’s difficult understanding the many different types out there. From old school Kukri’s to modern versions that feature additions such as serrated edges, to machetes that cater specifically to the agricultural market, there’s a... read more

Recent Site Acquisition

In an attempt to grow our blog and audience more, we have acquired the Varmint Hunter Magazine to grow Survival Gear Experts to the fullest. People finding our site through theirs, don’t fret! Our blog and content is already geared towards what you are used to... read more

8 Different Types of Axes: An Option for Every Situation

Ever thought that an “axe is just an axe”? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong, because as with most tools, there are different types available to suit different roles. 8 Different Styles of Axes 1. Hatchet When most people think of an axe, this is what they picture.... read more

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