5 Best Splitting Mauls of 2018

So, you’ve got your hands on a bunch of chopped up logs, yet they’re just too big to put on your fire in one go, what do you do? The answer is a splitting maul, and unlike its camping cousin, is designed to cut along the grain of a log, rather than chop through it. A... read more

5 Best Hunting Knives of 2018

One of your most important hunting and survival gear purchases is your knife. This is also one of the more difficult purchases for beginners, too. Why’s that? Because frankly, to the untrained eye, most knives look exactly the same except for some cosmetic... read more

5 Best Rangefinders of 2018

There are some purists who would be out there hunting with nothing but their bare hands if they could, but there’s something to be said about taking advantage of technology. Whether you like to hunt with a rifle or a bow, it’s very important to know the range of your... read more

5 Best Machetes of 2018

The machete is probably one of the most famous knives out there. It’s beloved by Hollywood directors who like to show a hero whacking their way through the forest! However, the truth is that a good machete should be a staple of any good survival kit. A good machete... read more

4 Best Combat Machetes of 2018

Combat machetes come in many different forms, from modern bowie designs to the classic Kukri, loved by military history buffs the world over. If you’re looking to choose a machete specifically for combat or tactical maneuvers, you really want to consider 3 things:... read more

5 Best Camping & Folding Shovels of 2018

Camping is tough, and that’s part of what makes it so rewarding for the roughly 40 million Americans who enjoy it. It’s not for everyone, it takes a special kind of person to leave behind the comfort, convenience, and safety of city life to test themselves against the... read more

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