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Choosing a tent is not any easy task, no matter if you are an experienced camper, or you are just entering the world of connecting with nature and sleeping outdoors. If you are a beginner in camping, or if you are more experienced but simply want a multi-purpose tent you will be able to bring to almost any terrain, we recommend Mountainsmith Morrison 2. It is created by Mountainsmith, a well-known manufacturer of outdoor and camping equipment with long tradition of manufacturing high-quality products. This is a well-designed and very comfortable tent, intended for two people and ideal for camping, backpacking trips, motorcycle tours, paddling trips and much more.

When it comes to the outer design of the tent, which is the first thing to be noticed, it is well-though, simple and good-looking. It is made in combination of light green and grey, which makes it quite stealthy on several different types of terrains you can use for camping. It is a free-standing tent with four corners, and very easy to be set up. It comes with two doors, which can be zipped-off almost entirely and provide you with fresh air and the view. On the other hand, if you need some additional warmth and less ventilation, there is an option of zipping up the nylon panel on the door.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent

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 The size of the tent is 92″x56″, which makes it spacious enough for two people. It is 43 inches high at peak, which allows plenty of head room for a tent. The tent comes with several pockets on the inside, intended for storing smaller items. The inner design is quite unusual, since the pockets on either side of the tent are placed on the opposite sides to each other. Also, the zippers on the doors open on different sides from one another. It is most probably intended for the campers who want to sleep in head-to-toe position, and it is ideal for this kind of sleeping arrangement.

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Setting up Mountainsmith Morrison 2 tent is very easy and suitable even for camping beginners. It is designed to have two poles with two master hooks on the top, and the poles are color-coded which makes the set-up even easier. There are also cord adjusters on the tent, which make it easier to tighten everything down for the final set-up.

The weather resistance of this tent is quite high, considering the materials used for making the tent’s floor and walls. The tent withstands the moisture very well, so it is suitable to be used when it is raining, or in case the ground is wet due to previous rainy weather. Since the tent has nylon panel on the doors that can be zipped up, it is also possible to withstand the wind and the cold weather, since it keeps the warmth and does not let the cold inside. Also, the nylon panel helps minimizing splash in cased of heavy rain.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 tent is made of thick and durable polyurethane material, which makes it a bit heavy, but it provides high durability. Naturally, in order to maintain its durability and extend its life span, it needs to be properly dried out and stored, just like any other tent.

GG11_MountainSmith_Morrison_445x260Another great advantage of this tent is its price-value ratio. For the price of around $180, you will get a durable tent that has a lot of great features and which can be used in different weather conditions and temperatures. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality and multi-purpose tent, which is also affordable, we strongly recommend buying Mountainsmith Morrison, because it can meet most of the campers’ needs.