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Maxpedition is a company based in California, which has been producing Military Specification nylon gear for almost fifteen years. They are committed to self-improvement and optimization of their product, which is obvious from their products they have created so far. They use only the materials of the highest quality, as well as the high-class craftsmanship. Since 2003, Maxpedition has been working on expanding their offer, so nowadays they produce a wide variety of products. In addition to bags and packs, they also offer a variety of pouches, pockets, traveling essentials and accessories, CCW bags, as well as a range of morale patches that can be added to your bag, backpack or even jacket.

All of the products created at Maxpedition are high-quality and durable, and some of their offer is as follows:

Backpacks – Maxpedition backpacks are created so that they fit, and even exceed military standards of durability and quality. In addition to high quality and waterproof materials they are made of, strong zippers you can choose between several types in a variety of colors and sizes – there are folding, double-strap and single-strap backpacks.

Belt packs – belt packs are also produced out of sturdy, waterproof materials and enriched with high quality zippers or Velcro, depending on the model. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and they can be used for a variety of purpose and carrying all sorts of items.

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Gear bags – Maxpedition also provides a variety of gear bags for all purposes. Just like the rest of the products, they are also made of water and abrasion resistant nylon, covered with additional Teflon protection and equipped with high-quality zippers, Velcro and buckles. They are practical and allow good organization of the equipment, so they are ideal for the cameramen, photographers and all the people who have a lot of parts of the equipment to carry around.

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Gun cases – since Maxpedition produces the bags and cases that exceed the military quality, these company’s gun cases are the best choice for carrying your weapon, If you are a devoted hunter, you will certainly find a model for any gun or guns you may have, and you can be sure that it will be safe and undamaged if you carry if in a Maxpedition gun case.

Duffel bags – duffel bags are made for the adventure lovers and they are ideal for the outdoor activities. All of the models are equipped with water and abrasion resistant fabric, additionally protected with Teflon – which provides not only more resistance, but easier maintenance as well.

Briefcases – if you do want to have a non-standard and non-formal briefcase, Maxpedition is the right choice. Again, their briefcases come in a variety of shapes and sizes; there are also several different models and several colors to choose from. Due to the waterproof material they are made of, you can be sure that any important documents or electronics you carry inside will be safe and well protected.

Laptop, iPad and tablet bags – Maxpeditionprovides plenty of models of bags and cases for protecting and carrying your laptop or iPad/tablet. There are shoulder bags and backpacks for carrying a laptop, as well as cases and small shoulder bags for safely carrying a tablet or an iPad.

All types of pouches and wallets – Maxpedition produces firm and durable pouches you can carry on your belt, and where you can safely keep any valuables such as your phone, compact camera or money. If you prefer carrying money in a wallet, there are several models to choose from, and they are not only durable and high quality, but also very stylish.