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katadyn pocket filter review

Even people who live in modern, first world countries are aware of the fact that providing clean and drinkable water is a huge problem in many parts of the world. With pollution, natural catastrophes and lack of care for the Earth, this is slowly becoming a problem even in developed societies.

The Katadyn Pocket Water Filter can resolve a number of drinkable water supply issues, and one of its advantages is definitely that it is applicable to outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, hiking and other activities that require spending time in nature where you are far from clear water sources, as well as in situations when people need to survive in nature due to the unpredictable circumstances.

The Katadyn Pocket Filter works as a water filtration system, and it is able to filter particles up to 0.2 nanometers. It is intended to remove all parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi from water, without using chemicals, boiling, UV power – or anything other than their filtration system.

Katadyn Water Filter

Knowing that the smallest known virus in the world is 25 nanometers and the Katadyn is able to filter particles up to 0.2 microns, we can say that the bar is set high for the water filtration system and technology.

katadyn water filter feature list

The Katadyn filtration system is rated for up to 13,000 Gallons of water. Meaning it is long lasting and guaranteed to filter harmful protozoa and other bacteria. The Katadyn water filter is the ONLY water filter to have a 20 year warranty.

The bottle holds 750 ml of water at a time, and there are two models: LifeSaver 4000 and LifeSaver 6000. The difference between the two is that the first one gives you 4000 liters of clan water before the filter needs to be replaced, while the second one gives you as much as 6000 liters. This makes the LifeSaver Bottle ideal for long expeditions and for unpredictable situations that require survival in nature.

LifeSaver Bottle is very simple to use. First, you need to unscrew the base of the bottle and dip it into the water source, such as stream, river, lake or even a puddle. After this, replace the cap and pump the piston on the bottle several times in order for the water to pass through the filter. After doing this, you will have clean water which is safe to be consumed. When the filter is near the end of its usability, there will be more pumps needed to filter the water. When the water stops flowing through the system, it is time for changing the filter. This is a mechanism created on purpose, in order to prevent the users from drinking water that has not been filtrated.

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Since LifeSaver Bottle holds 750 ml of water, it means that it is not too big for being carried during outdoor expeditions. It can be stored in a backpack or attached onto it, or you can carry it in the side pocket of the backpack. Having a bottle like this during expeditions or in survival situations is much more practical than carrying water supplies in usual bottles, because it is not only lighter, but it also provides you with security that you will not use up the water supply any time soon.