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Incredibly well constructed and highly versatile, the Fivejoy folding shovel is a great addition to the backpack of any outdoor adventurer, camper, hiker, and even military personnel. While most multipurpose tools are bad at doing anything else other than their main objective, this folding shovel is excellent at doing a variety of tasks, in fact it can be used as a shovel, knife, hoe, axe, hammer, fire starter, and much more. It is designed from premium grade machined aluminum and high-carbon stainless steel, this multipurpose tool is sturdy, ergonomic, lightweight, and fail-safe.fivejoy multi purpose uses

The shovel actually consists of two main parts- the blade and the handle. The blade can be set into multiple angles in order to use the tool for different purposes. When the blade is fully aligned with the length of the handle, it is a shovel. When you rotate the blade 90 degrees, it becomes a hoe. When you angle it in, you can even use it like a hook since there is a seven-strand paracord attached to the back of the handle that allows you to throw the lightweight shovel at a tree branch or post. The blade is locked into position with a fail-proof rotating lock that keeps the blade firmly locked into whatever angle you choose.

The main blade is designed from high-carbon stainless steel and measures 4.5″ x 5.5″ in width and length, respectively. It has a nice, sharp point in the front and its sides are wedged and serrated. This allows you to strike the blade sideways and chop off small branches with a few hits. The serrated edges allow you cut roots, bark, food, and much more The bottom of the spade is broad and thicker than the rest of the blade, hence you can use it as a hammer to drive in nails and posts for your tents and hammocks while setting up camp in the woods.

The handle is made from aviation grade machined aluminum and has soft, textured grips on it to prevent your hands from straining. The handle can be taken apart into two segments, while the top section can be further divided into two more. On the bottom section of the handle, you will find a two-edged knife that is also made from high-carbon stainless steel, just like the main blade. One side of the knife is a plain sharp edge, while the other side is serrated and about 3″ long. The tip of the knife is not pointed, but shaped like a “V” so that you can pry open stuff. At the foot of the knife blade, you will also find a handy little bottle opener.

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When you unscrew the top section of the handle, there is a magnesium fire starter inside it If you take out the magnesium fire starter, there is even a little whistle inside. This can be really handy for sending out messages and signals over short distances, since the whistle provided inside the handle is very sharp and loud. The tip of the handle contains some spooled up 7-strand paracord for stringing up temporary shelters, and for using as a line when you want to make a hook out of the spade. There is even some space in the fire starter chamber to store a little bit of tinder.

This entire package is very ergonomically designed and weighs just 2.15 Lbs. It is 18.82″ long, and comes in a fabric bag that is very well stitched, especially around the edges where you can see that they have added double stitching. The bag seals up with Velcro and a snap latch system. There are even two little grommets to drain away the water inside the bag if you get it wet. The bag has a handy little shoulder strap, as well as a backpack strap. All in all, it is a very handy multipurpose tool that is extremely well constructed and is a great addition to the kit of amateur, as well as experienced campers, hikers, and survivalists.