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This category features everything other than product reviews. Things like hunting tips and prepper ideas.

The 9 Different Types of Axes!

Ever thought that an “axe is just an axe”? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong, because as with most tools, there’s multiple different types available to suit the many roles a woodman takes on. In this guide, we’re going to look at the different types of axes. Whilst... read more

How to Sharpen an Axe: Our Guide

How to sharpen an axe, is one of those age-old questions plagues the survivalist and woodsman communities. There’s no one way to do it correctly, and many old timers have their own method of doing it. In this guide, we’ll take you through the standard issue way of... read more

10 Different Styles and Types of Machetes

For a complete newcomer to machetes, it’s difficult understanding the many different types out there. From old school Kukri’s, to modern versions that feature additions such as serrated edges, to machetes that cater specifically to the agricultural market, there’s a... read more

Recent Site Acquisition

In an attempt to grow our blog and audience more, we have recently worked with the team behind the Varmint Hunter Magazine to grow Survival Gear Experts to the fullest. People finding our site through theirs, don’t fret! Our blog and content is already geared... read more

12 Survival Uses for Trash Bags

As a prepper and survivalist there are essentially an unlimited number of uses for trash bags. You truly are only limited by your own creativity. Trash bags are a staple in my bug-out bag and for good reason; they are portable, and cost effective. The standard 13... read more

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