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Best Portable Camping Showers of 2017

by | May 31, 2017 | Reviews

Imagine you’ve just got back to your campsite after hiking through rough terrain on a hot day. You’re sweaty, smelly and the one thing you want is a refreshing shower like you’d been able to have at home. The only problem is you’re living in a tent, and there are no amenities nearby. Not an ideal situation for a shower is it? Having the best portable shower at your disposal can make it much more bearable.

One of these devices can keep you clean and can also be used to wash dishes or wash your hands after performing grimy tasks.

If you’re seeking some extra comfort for your trip but you’re unsure what portable shower would meet your needs best, continue reading to find out. We have selected a few of the best portable showers based on ratings and reviews. They range from inexpensive, basic models to higher priced devices that can enhance your outdoors experience.

Summary Tables



Compact and Portable

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8 Foot Hose

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Pure Clean

USB Charging

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Solar Heated

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Rating4.5 Stars4.6 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.0 Stars
ProsEasy to use. Pressure is solid. Charge lasts for a while.Long shower hose. Holds a charge well. Great pressure.Heated, and rustproof. Burner can also be a cooking stove.Compact, rechargeable, great stream and pressure.Solar heated, and works nicely.
ConsNot heated. You can easily heat water while camping though.None. Water capacity could be largerCharge time takes a whileIssues with clamp and leaking
PowerBatteryBattery1 Piece hand pumpBatteryGravity Fed
Heating MechanismNoneNone10,000 BTU BurnerNoneSolar

Summary Tables

Best Camping Showers of 2017

1. Ivation Portable Showerhead

Our Rating:  4.5 Stars (4.5/5)
Compact and Portable  
Heating Element  None
Power  Battery

A nice, warm shower on your camping trip is possible with this handy device. Customer’s love this easy to use, battery powered handheld shower.

One of the most appealing features of the Ivation Handheld Shower is the ability to charge it with a USB connection. You can just hook it up to a car adapter or your laptop. Users of the product report the battery lasting up to 45 minutes or more before needing another charge.

Some campers may prefer something with higher water pressure. But if you’re not too fussy and want a reliable unit that offers great value – the Ivation Handheld shower is a good choice.

2. Zodi Outback

8 Foot Shower Hose

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6/5)
Works in Any Water Source  
Heating Mechanism  None
Power  Battery Operated

Another affordable option for campers who want a simple to use showering solution. To use it, you will

need to connect the pump to your own water source (usually a bucket of water). With high-quality 4D batteries, you should be able to get plenty of showers before you need to replace them. This makes it a great option for camping trips longer than a week.

One drawback of many other portable camp showers is the low water pressure. But users of the Zodi Outback Gear Battery Powered Shower commonly mention the high water pressure as one of the best features of this shower.

3. Zodi Outback Extreme

Hot Water System

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2/5)
Weight  11.8 lbs
Heating Mechanism  10,000 BTU Burner
Power  1 Piece Hand Pump

Looking for something to make your camping trip a lot more comfortable? Zodi has a solution – perfect for hot showers and it can also be used for cooking.

Operating the Zodi Extreme SC Hot Shower isn’t too difficult. The device comes with its own water tank so you won’t need to bring your own bucket. You will need to fill the tank with water and heat the water over the tripod stove which comes with the device. Within just 5 minutes, you can have warm water for your shower or cooking needs.

This is a great device that will meet all your needs. Highly recommended if you go camping more than once a year and don’t like cold showers.

4. Pure Clean

USB Charging

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2/5)
Waterproof USB Charging  
Heating Mechanism  None
Power  Battery

For a mid-priced portable, Pure Clean’s unit has a lot going for it. It’s easy to use, powerful, has a long battery life and can be charged with a USB cable. The shower head comes with a hose, USB charging cable, rechargeable battery, suction cap and hook attachment. You will need to provide your own water source.

Many users mention this device is perfect for washing their dog. So even when you’re not out camping, you can still benefit from having one of these. While other devices could also be used at home for washing the dogs, users particularly like this one because it’s very water efficient.

5. Coghlan’s Solar Heated

Our Rating: 4.0 Stars (4.0/5)
Reuse-able?  Yes
Power  Gravity-Fed
Heating Mechanism  Solar

This is a solid option for anyone wanting a very basic, low-cost device. It comes with a bag which can hold up to 500 gallons of water. All you need to do is fill it up.

Like all the other portable showers, it can be used for washing dishes, washing hands and showering. The big difference is this unit is only a fraction of the price.

At such a low price, you don’t have much to lose. It may not offer all the same features of more expensive devices, but most people would agree it’s better than no shower at all! This could be perfect for a short camping trip but perhaps not an ideal choice for longer trips.

Other Portable Showers to Consider

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Portable Shower

These portable showers all serve one main purpose – keeping you clean. But some are a little more user-friendly and durable than others.

Even though none of these showers are a huge investment, you still want to get the right one. The last thing you want is your portable shower breaking or running out of battery before you’ve been able to take your full shower.

You should also consider how you will set up your portable shower to give yourself privacy. This video demonstrates one popular set up:

Asking yourself the following questions will help you decide which portable shower will be best for you.

  • Will it be used for camping, or as part of your survivalist gear
  • How often do you go camping?
  • How many people will be using the shower?
  • How long is your camping trip?
  • Will you be using it in cold conditions?
  • Do you have a way to charge a rechargeable battery? (car, laptop..)
  • What is your budget?
  • What do you want to use it for besides showering?


Before setting out on your next camping trip or packing up your survivalist gear, you should take some time to think about whether you’re going to need a portable shower. If you agree you will need one, then consider what features will make your camping trip more enjoyable. For some, a basic unit is enough to keep them comfortable and happy. But others will be more comfortable with something that offers more features like USB charging or a stove for fast heating.

No matter how basic or advanced you want your portable shower to be, you should choose a quality product that is supported with positive reviews. There are a lot of low-quality camp showers on the market that can easily break.

The portable showers above were selected because they all have customer reviews confirming their ease of use, durability, and effectiveness.

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