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Every Day Carry: The Best EDC Flashlight

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Reviews

It’s been a long, long time since humans discovered the ability to harness fire, which was our most primitive example of being able to control light. Well, guess what, we’ve come a long way since the first caveman pyromaniacs were setting the world on fire, and our ability to harness light has come a long way since then.

Lightbulbs, batteries, we’re living in a crazy world – can you imagine if the earliest versions of the human could see the types of things we have now? They would be blown away from a flashlight, let alone things like cellphones or spaceships. Despite all of the incredible leaps that humankind has taken, that doesn’t mean we’re living in some perfectly safe, fairytale world where nothing ever goes wrong. Far from it.

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Vizeri Tactical

Military Quality

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CREE LED Technology

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SureFire P2X

Failure-proof LED

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Digitally Regulated

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Rating4.4 Stars4.2 Stars4.6 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
WaterproofIPX7 RatedIPX7 RatedNoIPX8 RatedIPX7 Rated
Weight3.75 oz4.1 oz4.5 oz3.5 oz4.8 oz
Maximum Lumens230-4602635001,000260

Summary Tables

Being Ready for Anything

We take a lot of these incredible achievements for granted. It only takes one bad storm to knock out the power grid and to stop it from reaching your home. All of a sudden your food is starting to spoil, you have no power to cook with, no heat, no air conditioning, wouldn’t it be nice to at least have light?

If you’re on the ball enough to have a high-quality EDC flashlight, chances are that you’ve also got a good stock pile of non-perishables, a backup generator, and a plan in place for the worst. A lot of people don’t, they’re simply not ready.

Having your own source of light that you can rely on, no matter what, can go a long way. It took the cavemen how many hundreds of thousands of years to discover fire? How long are you willing to wait for a light source in an emergency? The whole point is taking care of things yourself, so you don’t have to wait on anyone else to help you.

It’s crucially important to have a quality flashlight. Yes, you can buy little LED lights from the dollar store for a couple of bucks, but is that really what you want to be carrying around on a daily basis? You owe it to yourself, and to our caveman ancestors, to get something proper.

This buyer’s guide will highlight five unique models. Each and every one of these options could very well be the best EDC flashlight for you. They’re all great choices, so don’t worry about picking the wrong one.

We’ve used many criteria to help determine which flashlights deserve your attention and which ones are getting left out in the dark, for example:

  • Value
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Brightness
  • Quality
  • Features

The Best EDC Flashlights of 2017!

1. Vizeri Tactical

Military Quality

Our Rating:  4.4 Stars (4.4/5)
Modes  5: High, medium, low, strobe, and SOS
Power  3 AAA Batteries
Lumens  230 – 460

This is a great EDC torch. It’s the most affordable option we’re going to be featuring today. You may gasp at some of the prices of the other ones we’re going to look at, but trust – they’re worth every penny. None the less, we wanted to include something very accessible so that nobody has to leave here empty handed.

Features: Various light modes including high, medium, low, SOS, strobe. Incredibly bright LED lights. Includes a holster and a light diffuser attachment. Much higher quality than the lower tier of flashlights, but entry-level as far as high-performance EDC torches are concerned. A great place to start, and an excellent light to keep around as a spare after you upgrade.

2. SOG Dark Energy

CREE LED Technology

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2/5)
Modes  4: Momentary on, full on, low, and strobe
Power  Battery
Lumens  263

The Dark Energy by SOG is a bad flashlight, in a good way. The tactical style has a real mean attitude to it. It’s about twice as expensive as the previous model we looked at, but if you can afford it – it’s a solid step up, it’s worth the extra money. It doesn’t have as many options as some lights, but it does have a tactical strobe.

Features: Attached belt clip. Lightweight, small design. IPX-7 water resistance, Cool White Cree R5 led bulb.

3. SureFire P2X Fury

Failure-proof LED

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6/5)
Virtually Fail Proof LED  
Power  Battery
Lumens  Up to 500

This is an intense and powerful torch, and it’s definitely one of the best flashlights for everyday carry. It’s not cheap, and you get exactly what you pay for and more. There’s a reason that it’s popular among security guards, special forces, and other people whose lives can come down to having the right gear.

Features: 1.5 hour run-time at 500-lumen setting, or 46 hours at 15 lumens. High-strength aerospace aluminum body. Meets military specs. Limited lifetime warranty.

4. Fenix Flashlights

Digitally Regulated Output

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5/5)
Modes  6
Power  AC/DC
Lumens  1,000

There’s really not a ton to know about a 1000 lumen flashlight other than the fact that it’s bright. Really, really bright. This one, in particular, is also super durable and has tons of super positive reviews. It’s a great choice, so definitely give it a second though if you’re still trying to decide, and you want a lot of power.

Features: Digitally regulated output keeps brightness consistent. Uses one 18650 rechargeable battery or 2x 3V CR123A. Tactical mode. Outdoor mode.

5. Streamlight ProTac

C4 LED – 50,000 hour lifetime

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5/5)
Modes  3: Momentary, Variable intensity, and strobe
Power  Battery
Lumens  260

Over 5000 positive reviews, and hundreds of questions answered – this is one popular torch, and it’s no surprise. Speaking of no surprises, there are so many reviews and Q+A’s to read over, and you’ll know exactly, EXACTLY what to expect with this one. So, what can you expect? A darn great light for an even better price. It doesn’t get as bright as some of the other options on here, with a max of 260 lumens on high, and a minimum of 13 on low when you want to conserve your battery. The difference between the two settings is a range of 150m vs. 35m.

Features: Adjustable brightness. 50,000 hour lifetime on the C4 LED bulbs. Powered by two CR123A batteries which are included. High-durability, and many options to choose from to get exactly what you need.

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