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Best Braided Fishing Line of 2017

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Reviews

There are two camps amongst fishermen, those who love braided fishing line, and those who can’t abide it. Whatever you might think about it, there are pros and cons to both products.

With braided line, you’ll find it:

  • More sensitive: Braided line is far less prone to stretching, which makes it more sensitive.
  • Lower diameter: Which helps when casting further.
  • Floating braids are available: Great for sea angling.

Summary Tables



TGP Technology

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Superior Abrasion

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Rating4.5 Stars4.2 Stars4.0 Stars
Spool Length300 Yards150-547 Yards125 - 300 Yards
Fibers84 - 88
ProsWell priced, good quality braid that runs smoothly and holds color well. It’s unbelievable value for money, and works just as well as the Superline braid. A good quality line that has some clear benefits once you learn its quirks.
ConsThe normal braided line issues, ensure you purchase a higher rated line for bait casting, and ensure your reel can take the line without knotting. Zero stretch in use might put some anglers off.Expensive, and difficult to master.

Summary Tables

Top 3 Best Braided Fishing Lines of 2017!

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at the three best braided lines on the market to see which one you should pack on your next trip.

1. Suffix 832 Superline Braid

TGP Technology

Our Rating:  4.5 Stars (4.5/5)
8 Fibers 7 HMPE Dyneema + 1 Gore
Weaves per Inch  32
Spool Length 300 Yard

This braided line features 8 fibres, including GORE performance fibre, plus 7 Dyneema fibres. It’s a super strong mix that should suit sea anglers down to the ground.


  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • 32 weaves per inch.
  • 8 fibre cores.

In Use

Using this line, we were able to cast far longer than with a single line. We tested the Superline in quite rough seas, with a moderate well running into the beach on a Spring Tide. In these conditions, the Superline performed admirably, holding itself well.

What we will say about braided lines in general, is that your rods action will be far more pronounced when using braided line. That was certainly the case with the Superline, with my Ugly Stick really showing action where there was none! This obviously means you’ll have to get used to your setup again, which might take a few hours.

We found the Superline braid also holds its color really well, and it’s remarkably smooth considering it’s an 8-fibre line.

2. Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2/5)
Fibers 4 to 8
Tensile Strength 10 to 150 lbs
Spool Length 300 Yards

The Piscfun line comes in a range of lengths, running from 150 yards, right up to 547 yards, plus it also comes in the higher weights for bait casting.


  • Epoxy coated for abrasion resistance and strength.
  • Comes in 4 and 8 fibre specs.
  • Zero stretch technology.

In Use

One of the cool things about the Piscfun line, is the epoxy coating on the outer side of the line. Whilst it was originally designed to help it resist abrasion, it also has the added bonus of holding its color well and not fraying around the edges.

In comparison to the Superline, the Piscfun line is much more solid, with absolutely no stretch. We’re not 100% sure this is a good thing, as we do like even our braids to have a small amount of give. Even so, we certainly like the way the line cuts the water, and it’s silky smooth on the reel.

However, none of this really matters as the price of the Piscfun line is just so damn cheap! Even the 547 yard 150-pound line costs just $31.79, and the lower weighted versions are much cheaper!

3. Spiderwire Ultracast Superline

Clear Spool

Our Rating: 4.0 Stars (4.0/5)
8 Carrier Braid
Spool Length 125 – 300 yards

The Spiderwire is a slightly different take on braided lines. They’ve gone for a fully transparent line, with an 8-fibre braid to maintain the strength.

The benefit to these lines is that they cast over huge distances, almost unequalled by other brands of braided line.


  • Ultra-smooth 8 fibre braids.
  • Cold-fusion process makes the braid extremely strong.
  • Translucent design makes it invisible in water.

In Use

Even though the Spiderwire is considered translucent, you can still see it in clear water. This isn’t going to be an issue for most uses, but it’s something to be aware of. We also found the Spiderwire to be difficult to tie, more so than either the Superline or Piscfun.

Even so, there were some benefits to the Spiderwire. We think it ran smoother than either the Piscfun or the Superline, plus it appeared less prone to knotting.

We also felt that the line sank into the water nice and easy, disappearing quickly once it settled. In the waters we tested it in (calm seas, reasonably clear water), the line did appear invisible once it sank in, most fish shouldn’t be able to pick up on it.

The big question of course, is whether you’ll want to spend the extra money on the Spiderwire. The answer is yes, but to be aware of it’s funny quirks.

Round Up

We thought long and hard about recommending the Spiderwire, and for the true enthusiast, it’s probably the way to go. Once you learn it’s funny ways you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it!

Having said that, if you’re a relative newcomer to fishing, or you’re on a budget, you probably won’t be able to justify the expense. For this reason, we think that the Piscfun braided line offers everything you’ll need, at a price that’s hard to argue against.

The Piscfun braided line is available in a huge array of weigh ratings and lengths, with even the most expensive version costing just over $30. It also features a lot of high quality options, 8 fibre cores and epoxy coating being two of them.

  • For beginners and those on a budget: Piscfun braided line will do everything you need for a price that’s impossible to beat.
  • For enthusiasts who want an upgrade: The Spiderwire offers a unique product that might take some getting used to, yet the payback once you’ve mastered it is endless!

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