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If you are a person who enjoys outdoor activities such as camping or going on various expeditions, you know the importance of the right gear and the tools that can help you survive in nature. Not to mention the situation when, due to a misfortunate event, you find yourself in need of surviving in nature on your own. In situations like this, a proper piece of equipment can be of utmost importance and provide you with great help.

In case you intend to get yourself the most useful piece of survival gear you can imagine, you should definitely get Atax Knife.

Atax is not only a knife, it is much more. It can be used as an axe, a wire cutter, range finder, compass, inclinometer, hammer and much more.  If you could have only one piece of equipment with you in the event of surviving outdoors, Atax would be the best choice you could make.

Despite being a multi-purpose and multi-functional piece of survival gear, Atax is only 5.5” long and 4.5” wide. It has a ¼” thick blade, made of 1095 tool Steel. In addition to being compact in size, it is also very lightweight for such a useful and versatile tool, and it weighs only one pound.

Here are some of the possible uses of the Atax Knife:

An axe– this is one of the primary uses of this tool. It can easily be added a handle in order to deal with chopping wood or even with heavy animal limbs.

A knife – since Atax is a form of a knife, its blade can be used for various kinds of cutting. It is also useful as a skinning tool, because it is designed so that it prevents puncturing the skin while working through the tissue.

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A hammer, a wrench and a wire cutter– the back side of the Atax knife can be used as a hammer, no matter if you need to pound nails or break nuts. In case you do not need to pound nails but you want to remove them, Atax is also equipped with a wrench you can use for this purpose. Just below the hammer there is a wire cutter – which you can use for cutting all sorts of fences and even barbed wire.

A compass and a clock– the Atax is equipped with several graphics, one of which can help you determine the time of day or the direction. You will need a twig and the sunlight to determine the time of day, because it works on the principle of the solar clock, while adding a drop of water will help you determine the direction as well.

A rangefinder – one of the graphics on the Atax knife is used for range finding, which is especially useful for hunters or hikers.

Looking through the viewer and reading the range will tell you about the distance between you and the observed object.

Tops-Atax-Multi-Use-ToolIt can also be used as the assistance for bow hunting. You can launch the arrows through the rangefinder, but you can also attach a sling shot rubber to the Atax and use it for launching arrows.

An inclinometer – Atax is equipped with an inclinometer, which can help you estimate any danger from avalanche or even approximately determine your latitude.

A survival kit holder – under the Atax’s grip, there is a small compartment you can reach when you unscrew the grip.

In summary, the Atax Knife is the most versatile survival tool on the market, and no matter if you need it for the outdoor activities, long expeditions or even as a help around the house – it is definitely a piece of equipment you must have.