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Hi there, I’m Patrick from Survival Gear Experts!

Where to Begin

I come from a great family, just a great group of people. I grew up in the age of Technology, but my parents raised me to be outside and make my own fun. We had this small area of woods and that’s where my Brother and I hung out.

Growing up in the technology era, you work with computers a lot. I have a degree in Information Technology and I have been building websites since I was a kid.

A Survivalist?

I wouldn’t say I’m a survivalist, but my family loves to be outdoors. We go camping regularly, kayak, fish, etc. This site is all about Survival gear and reviews of that gear in real world situations.


Although I do love being outdoors. I still work with computers on a regular basis. I figured this site would be a good outlet to combine both hobbies in one place.

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