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We bring you reviews of the best gear on the market today, along with survival tips and prepping ideas to make you into a better Survivalist.

Best Kukri of 2017

A Kukri, is probably one of those survival/camping tools that everyone wants. It’s an amazingly simple multipurpose tool that ends up being used for cutting, building, chopping and gutting fish/animals. As with most types of knife, the Kukri has a long history. In...

Best Electronic Ear Muffs of 2017

If you’ve been shooting, or working with noisy machinery without ear protection for years, you’ve probably discovered how badly your hearing has been affected over the years. It’s common to find many older people at shooting ranges that have suffered the same fate...

Best Bait Casting Reel of 2017

Bait casting reels are extremely important in sea angling, they allow you to use much larger lures, whilst still being able to cast properly. A decent quality bait casting reel allows you to maintain control over placement, and ultimately the strength to pull in those...

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Please note: Do not limit yourself based on the categories we decided to put these items under. Every item reviewed can be applied to a variety of situations. A camper may not need a BOB, but a survivalist may need a folding shovel. Like everything in this world, it’s all perception, be creative.

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